Saturday, August 01, 2009

Media's war on our lives...

It's becoming a routine of me coming over here once in a blue moon and whining about why I am not writing regularly here. People who visit this site rarely just like however I do, might have noticed that also. Anyway, as you guys now read this passage already might possibly noticed where I am heading with this post also; I smelt that too ;-).

I have no proper theme to begin this post with, nevertheless something sluggishly today brought me over here to write whatever comes to my mind. So, perhaps by the time you finish reading this post either you find yourself had a cup of coffee with me talking about over an important event or had another aimless stroll with me. Either way I am darn sure that you spend some quality time at Oruni :-).

Lately I have been getting lazier to even think. Having noticed however the world and the UN council behaved with the Sri Lankan genocide - I totally lost, confused, felt like I was drowned to the abyss, to pull I myself out of that shock have taken me so long. Not knowing what to say, where and who and what for... I kept mum!

Related with that experience my adulthood awareness went through indescribable amount of transformation within myself . In retrospect that changed or rather made me to be more aware and complete with how this world works in the globalized money only world. Absolutely I consider this corporate world approached the whole Sri Lankan Tamil issue through its scavenging attitude. In due course leaving behind the general cause which was to be the sustaining humanitarianism keeping it in intact form before losing its hope from the face of the earth especially among the impoverished ones.

We had seen through enough of dramas unfolding right in front of our eyes. The misnomer term has popularly so known 'the war on terror' been used freely here also to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people with the god only could have dreamt to form an alliance like this one to conduct this massacre (India-Pakistan-china). Anyone who closely follow these countries geopolitical stand points lately can notice how far and wide they disagree with one another in every issue, India in particular. However, they all held their hands together when it came to Sri Lankan civil war. I wonder still what could be the reason behind this alliance. Whatever the reason can possibly be there, the time will bring forth the truth oneday who involuntarily bought out the future headache through this geopolitical move.

Top it up all, the most amazing move of the world community - the UN and popular media alike, the way they moved around with the whole issue showed their unreliability and sown a sense of fear among people by their behavior. To this date still no single popular media is allowed inside the Sri Lankan premises to observe what is happening to the people who are trapped behind the barbed wire mesh. Most of us forgot the whole thing and moved on with our lives. We can not blame ourselves for that too because the main stream medias are playing a big role to drug our mind to keep away from knowing what is happening around us. As one sit back and think all of these eventual things, we have been deliberately being manipulated and headed by the media by however it wanted us to think and live our everyday lives their way. It is very sad and no good!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Movie Worth Mentioning - I

I had totally abandoned my Oruni for so long, I too from time to time realized it, however, there was nothing I could do to scribble down anything over here.

Lately we have been going crazy of collecting movies from Gamestop where a promo sale is on, you buy 2 dvds and get 3 free. Since then almost our shelves are decorated with different colors of dvds cover.

As usual before my late dinner I tucked in a dvd to make some background noise as to bring the living room into more life; usually, while the movie is on intermittently we discuss of our interests. Last evening I tossed in a disc was happened to be Anthony Hopkins' Hearts in Atlantis. Very little or almost none of it I heard of this movie before, not even 15 minutes passed I have already realized I was hooked onto it.

I could not believe this movie is based on a novel written by Stephen King, the writer who is well known for his horror novels. I vaguely remember seeing some of his novels based movies earlier. But this movie is something off of the genre of his kind.

I would say about this movie 'a wonderful piece.' Throughout the movie an 11 years old boyhood memory is unfolded with a steady emotional upheavals, in a more realistic in sense. The boy's mom is a widowed, self-centered individual who only aspires to go after her own interests, while the boy's needs are sidelined and left mend after himself.

The magic summer come by Anthony Hopkins, a loner who shows up briefly in the boy's world and initiate him to open up his eyes to let things happen as its own to accept them to go with the future. The whole movie set does not go away from a couple of homes and a park whereto sculpt the entire movie. The other two of his friends, a girl and boy pave the ways to bring in the nostalgic feeling in the boy's heart, especially the girl with whom the boy shares his first kiss and some solace of his struggling life at home.

As we watch the movie our childhood memories will definitely drench us with surprises. There are so many touching scenes of everyday lives of sentiments firmly placed throughout the movie. At the end, the movie leaves you with heavy heart and amazement how someone can take us into such a world in a given time.

Another must watch film in my series!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Test Post for Profile Picture...!!!

Last time as I was launching a post, without my concern the blogger picked up a picture by itself as my profile picture and displayed thereupon. Therefore, this one is shot after fixing the problem, hoping to see the real me in there.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


What is happening with me in the recent days, is anyone wondering up here? Its been almost three months since I have posted anything in here. Between then and now, there have been so many things happened. Good and bad alike. Be as it may, since I am an ardent believer of "what do you think, what you are - philosophy" I always wanted to look at the positive side of any outcome.

The following passage I am re-typing in it here from a book written by Swami Satchidananda entitled on The Golden Present. In the hope of, it will help me when I need it wherever and whatever the situation I am in. This reading is for the month of December 12th. Here it goes...


...Don't worry about anything. Worry never brings any benefit to anyone. On the other hand, it spoils even the little that you might do. There is a beautiful saying I read on a daily calendar page many years ago. It said, "sorrow is nothing but what you borrow." Nobody is going to give you that. You go and borrow it. If you don't care to borrow it, there is no sorrow for you. That is all. You are the cause of your worry. Nobody can bring worry to you. If you care, decide not to worry. Remember, worry is not going to bring anything to us. On the other hand, it will sap away even the little energy, the little capacity, that we may have. A worried doctor cannot operate, you all know that. A worried student cannot write an exam. Go with full confidence. Just say, "I am doing all that I can. That is it."

We make things change. Everything takes it own time. We are in a hurry to change things. We want everything instantaneously. Allow nature to have its say. Nature is God. Let our lives be filled with trust in the higher will. Whether it is an individual or an organization or a nation or the whole globe, let it go smoothly in its own time...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Movie That Stole My Heart…!

Last night I watched another touchy movie amidst uncontrollable tears streaming down my cheeks. I am not ashamed of confessing the truth. I consider, that is the reward utmost one could pay to a good movie and the director.

The name of the movie was ‘House of D’ written, directed and starred by David Duchovny. The movie was wonderfully woven and filmed in its own rhythm. Beside, David Duchnovny, there are some veteran actors such as Robin Williams, Tea Leoni and Erykah Badu. Those are the people who stole my heart in that movie along with the emerging teenager actor Anton Yelchin.

What had caught my attention in that story plot was this: We as a human being think, raising ourselves happen just like another process however the vegetation will do. Most of us, never ever pay attention to how we grow ourselves into adulthood, consciously. For lots of us, it occurs just naturally, so we think.

Though, in ‘House of D’, it tries to capture the opposite. It captures and portrays through some other people‘s lives as to how conscious effort it is. When the past troubles the present, Tommy (David Duchnovny) tries to rediscover himself in the street of his childhood, by re-tracing his roots and come in contact with his childhood’s friendly adults who shaped his present.

When that reunion happens Tommy himself sheds off of his withheld adolescence to become a complete adult to a family.

Robin Williams comes as Mr. Pappas, needless to say how he himself throws into that character as mentally challenged with his facial expression and expressing the boundless love and wisdom at the end of the movie, when he gets a chance to reunite the then little buddy David Duchnovny now as an adult (Tommy) along with his family.

The movie profoundly reflects another part of American lives, especially, with single mom and her suffering to keep the family on the move only with the mere hope of the future. The way that movie is told, to me is like every frame needs to be pondered over and over, since, that much important is given to every single shot and character there in to say what they have to say, depth!

Tommy disappoints his mom Tea Leoni (Mrs. Warshaw) for the love of Mr. Pappas’ by shouldering a little shoplifting; and that leads to Tommy’s dismissal of college fund, the one most anticipated by his mom, breaks her heart so that night she decides to over doze herself with sleeping pills and falls in coma.

At that juncture, Tommy is left with no option but forced to live with a stranger couple. Since he is still a minor needed to be cared for, eventually that sort of caring leads to put him in military school, so he is told. All in all, Tommy is only 13 years old, now totally uncertain about his future and what he has to do, seeking out a crazy wisdom by four walled Lady Bernadette (Erykah Badu), who claims initially that “she was a genius that is why , she is imprisoned and up here .”

This boy Tommy, most of the time gets advice from her, standing in the street corner and finally when she hears the woes of the boy’s situation, she challenges him to run away.

So the movie goes…

Overall, it is a must see movie…

Friday, August 11, 2006

What We lose in the awake of recent terror?

In recent days we have been exposed to so many strategies, as to how people can come up with killing techniques of its own race. Slowly but meticulously, it is happening at the physical level right in front of us, as we all know. Somewhere in a remote corner of a world a car bomb or human bomb explodes and kills an X number of people; so the news line runs on our bottom of the TV screen, we read it as though it is another piece of news coupled with some Pamela Anderson has decided to remove her breast implant.

Though, what we have failed to realize is that we are deliberately led to lose our innocence of existence by trotting in the path of violence by being immune and numbing to it.

What had prompted me to write this note is that the recent airport alert over here in the US. The recent strategy of terrorizing people’s mind is not happening in the movies or through a novel. It is very real but a failed mission. How I feel about the whole ordeal is like this, more and more we are exposed to the violent part of the human nature. Which in turn sow the seeds of looking and dwelling in the dark chamber of our pessimistic existentiality.

The media is trying to sell whatever it could, by product of that behavior is loss of our innocence by watching the demonstration of how to make a chemical bomb using some chemical components. Why do we need that kind of elaborative demonstration anyway?

It is mind boggling to think and live in this dreadful blood-oil thirsty world. Where are we heading? Can we walk back to where we were, without all these undesired knowledge and wisdom we have been forced to witness?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Washed Ashore Frog and Us…

A couple days before I was in Minnesota, a place is known for its thousands of lakes. I was there basking along a couple of lakes nearby our home. Most favorite of two lakes out of five I have visited were Turtle Neck Lake (TNL) and the Snail Lake (SL). However, the area wise the SL occupied nearly 500 acres while the former was only half of it.

Anyway, I along with my friend-son who is eight years old, who has his own license for fishing, went to the turtle neck lake around 12 in the noon. It was a hot day, the temperature was hovering around 90 degree F, just a perfect day for the outdoor swimming and fishing activity.

Where we picked out a site to sit and fix our fishing rod and the barb was on a dock. My son was hopping a step as he walked on it, since he took of his shoes and started walking bare feet on the Aluminum paved dock was which was literally on a boiling point; so my son told me and jumped off from the dock into the water, asking me to put a towel at the end of the deck where we could sit on and fix the rest.

We initially sitting there dangling our feet into the water and engaging ourselves into a conversation talking about whether fishes would drink water or not and the stuff. As we did that, so many tiny fishes started biting our toes as the dead skins started attracting them to feed on. It was ticklish and thrilling at the same time, we enjoyed them utmost of our heart.

Within like a half hour we have caught three Basses weighing about three to four bound each. One of which, really heavy for my son to reel it off to the shore, was struggling and screaming out of his lungs in excitement, “appa, come on help me it is too heavy for me,” as I was taking a shot. Before, I could go and helped him, it was too late, the fish cut the barb off and writhed away.

Later on as we walked by the beach and looking for shells and the stuff. We found a frog laying on a leaf litter. I was so excited so my son. I asked him, if he wanted to hold and feel it, he said yes without a second thought. As I tried to catch, it hopped a couple times, however, I managed to catch it.

He was holding it gently while rubbing on it snout. Thereupon, we noticed the frog was not doing well by noticing a cut on its left hind limb. Perhaps, it had cut by the one of the motorized boats. Every homes, pretty much owns a boat in that state I believe. I had seen that day itself so many families single and group alike had a fun ride. A symbol of luxury and power the kind of boat they had it seemed. Anyway, I thought there itself, a spoilt people and a country with the surplus of everything to exploit at their will.

That poor frog visibly sick and about to die. That was when, my son asked me what we should do with the frog? Should we take to the doctor? I was standing there, confronting, how to answer to that boy without conflicting his belief of compassion and caring of the fellow living things. I told him, I believe we should leave the frog where we found it. So the nature would take care of it at its best care than what we could do.

Therefore, we left the frog carefully right there where we found it earlier. Before that, with the fish, we came to know really late that we can not take the fishes home, in spite of the license and associated money involved. Since, that particular lake is on the conservation measure of preserving Basses, whoever catching they were requested to release back into the water.

The question is, I do not know how strategically it is going to help them with the caught fish pulled out of the water and handled at times roughly in order to remove the barb out of its mouth, would it make out when it is released back into the water?

What I wish now altogether why they did not tell us at the first place not to fish for gaming.

Here is the question for you guys, What would you do with the sickened frog, when a little boy asked you the same question as my son had asked me?

What would you do with the fish you had caught and knowing that it is not going to make it out when you released it back?