Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Movie Worth Mentioning - I

I had totally abandoned my Oruni for so long, I too from time to time realized it, however, there was nothing I could do to scribble down anything over here.

Lately we have been going crazy of collecting movies from Gamestop where a promo sale is on, you buy 2 dvds and get 3 free. Since then almost our shelves are decorated with different colors of dvds cover.

As usual before my late dinner I tucked in a dvd to make some background noise as to bring the living room into more life; usually, while the movie is on intermittently we discuss of our interests. Last evening I tossed in a disc was happened to be Anthony Hopkins' Hearts in Atlantis. Very little or almost none of it I heard of this movie before, not even 15 minutes passed I have already realized I was hooked onto it.

I could not believe this movie is based on a novel written by Stephen King, the writer who is well known for his horror novels. I vaguely remember seeing some of his novels based movies earlier. But this movie is something off of the genre of his kind.

I would say about this movie 'a wonderful piece.' Throughout the movie an 11 years old boyhood memory is unfolded with a steady emotional upheavals, in a more realistic in sense. The boy's mom is a widowed, self-centered individual who only aspires to go after her own interests, while the boy's needs are sidelined and left mend after himself.

The magic summer come by Anthony Hopkins, a loner who shows up briefly in the boy's world and initiate him to open up his eyes to let things happen as its own to accept them to go with the future. The whole movie set does not go away from a couple of homes and a park whereto sculpt the entire movie. The other two of his friends, a girl and boy pave the ways to bring in the nostalgic feeling in the boy's heart, especially the girl with whom the boy shares his first kiss and some solace of his struggling life at home.

As we watch the movie our childhood memories will definitely drench us with surprises. There are so many touching scenes of everyday lives of sentiments firmly placed throughout the movie. At the end, the movie leaves you with heavy heart and amazement how someone can take us into such a world in a given time.

Another must watch film in my series!!