Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Washed Ashore Frog and Us…

A couple days before I was in Minnesota, a place is known for its thousands of lakes. I was there basking along a couple of lakes nearby our home. Most favorite of two lakes out of five I have visited were Turtle Neck Lake (TNL) and the Snail Lake (SL). However, the area wise the SL occupied nearly 500 acres while the former was only half of it.

Anyway, I along with my friend-son who is eight years old, who has his own license for fishing, went to the turtle neck lake around 12 in the noon. It was a hot day, the temperature was hovering around 90 degree F, just a perfect day for the outdoor swimming and fishing activity.

Where we picked out a site to sit and fix our fishing rod and the barb was on a dock. My son was hopping a step as he walked on it, since he took of his shoes and started walking bare feet on the Aluminum paved dock was which was literally on a boiling point; so my son told me and jumped off from the dock into the water, asking me to put a towel at the end of the deck where we could sit on and fix the rest.

We initially sitting there dangling our feet into the water and engaging ourselves into a conversation talking about whether fishes would drink water or not and the stuff. As we did that, so many tiny fishes started biting our toes as the dead skins started attracting them to feed on. It was ticklish and thrilling at the same time, we enjoyed them utmost of our heart.

Within like a half hour we have caught three Basses weighing about three to four bound each. One of which, really heavy for my son to reel it off to the shore, was struggling and screaming out of his lungs in excitement, “appa, come on help me it is too heavy for me,” as I was taking a shot. Before, I could go and helped him, it was too late, the fish cut the barb off and writhed away.

Later on as we walked by the beach and looking for shells and the stuff. We found a frog laying on a leaf litter. I was so excited so my son. I asked him, if he wanted to hold and feel it, he said yes without a second thought. As I tried to catch, it hopped a couple times, however, I managed to catch it.

He was holding it gently while rubbing on it snout. Thereupon, we noticed the frog was not doing well by noticing a cut on its left hind limb. Perhaps, it had cut by the one of the motorized boats. Every homes, pretty much owns a boat in that state I believe. I had seen that day itself so many families single and group alike had a fun ride. A symbol of luxury and power the kind of boat they had it seemed. Anyway, I thought there itself, a spoilt people and a country with the surplus of everything to exploit at their will.

That poor frog visibly sick and about to die. That was when, my son asked me what we should do with the frog? Should we take to the doctor? I was standing there, confronting, how to answer to that boy without conflicting his belief of compassion and caring of the fellow living things. I told him, I believe we should leave the frog where we found it. So the nature would take care of it at its best care than what we could do.

Therefore, we left the frog carefully right there where we found it earlier. Before that, with the fish, we came to know really late that we can not take the fishes home, in spite of the license and associated money involved. Since, that particular lake is on the conservation measure of preserving Basses, whoever catching they were requested to release back into the water.

The question is, I do not know how strategically it is going to help them with the caught fish pulled out of the water and handled at times roughly in order to remove the barb out of its mouth, would it make out when it is released back into the water?

What I wish now altogether why they did not tell us at the first place not to fish for gaming.

Here is the question for you guys, What would you do with the sickened frog, when a little boy asked you the same question as my son had asked me?

What would you do with the fish you had caught and knowing that it is not going to make it out when you released it back?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Indian Bloggers, Its a High Time...

Here is the day, the most expected one from our recent past is with us to face. All along, since the most welcoming blogosphere existence, I was expecting something like this "temporary shut down thingy" would happen. And exactly that has happened in the name of national security. And now what?

Internet revolution, as we all aware of, is taking us into another level of human intelectuality. This tool is, I believe breaking all the barricades and providing a chance to reach out and share the individuals idea, knowledge and wisdom at the snap of a finger around the world.

It can create a huge impact in the pattern of ones belief system. When one individual indepth vision into something is brought out and shared with the fellow readers, he/she ignites the fire onto others too, to think and change their whole dimension of looking at things. Is not it a great boon for our time?

Now what is going on here with blogging, and banning it in our system. I firmly believe there is something is moving with blogging, which could have tremendously attracted the attention of the biggies and now they feel threatned.

If the banning is only temporary, its tolerable, otherwise, it is a high time for Indian bloggers to unite together to fight and revoke the lost right so called the freedom of expression.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Innocence Is a Fountain in Finding Newness…!

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We all get boredom once in a while for no reason. Have you ever searched for the reason which makes you to feel you are bored and restless? Boredom occurs to us when we are least in touch with our creativity. Creativity naturally occurs to the one, who communes with him/herself in a deeper level. If it is so, then what obscures to be with ourselves, so that we can bring forth the creativity to annihilate the boredom?

The obscurity is our own Ego or Self-image, which functions like a barrier which we built for ourselves like a moat in between the caged zoo animal and the fence. The moat in zoo helps animals from escaping, by creating a wider gap or a fearful state to the caged animal.

The same way our own self-image obscures us from being who we are. For instance, We can not make a toddler to get bored as he/she is in vibrant mode to learn and amaze at everything whatever he sees, touches and smell, to simplify it we can say the innocence is intact still. Although, that is not the case with an eight year old kid, there we find boredom and restlessness in them, if so, then what happened in between.

I feel in the latter case, I mean with the eight years old kid, the innocence is being lost, by identifying things by its name, color, the functionality etc., Which means the kid started seeing the same thing with pre-conceived ideals and draw a limitation from going beyond the descriptive nature of whatever is said or invented already. And that is where also come the self-image that I know about it all attitude; another heavy burden to carry it around.

Being innocent is our natural state and unadulterated, as long as we are in communion with our self. We naturally do not draw any limitation on us, we are ever on the expanding mode, in other word, being free of self-image (which is the Knower State = I know everything). Can you be in a jungle and watch a butterfly or bird for hours sitting in one place and observe its activity, without getting boredom?

Probably you can do it, why, there you are just merging yourself with simply being it, by letting your eyes follow the object wherever it goes. But the whole thing come to an abrupt end when you start thinking, oh, that bird’s behavior is this and this is what the bird is going to do the next. And thereupon the growing boredom kicks in and your body gets stiff and you are restless now, because you lost your innocence along with it. The chance of finding a newness is also lost, because of lost innocence. And now you want to find something else to do more exciting.

The same thing happen with gazing of the moon or night sky, the knower look at it thinking he knows what is in there. On the other hand, a poet look at it as a beautiful entity with everlasting newness in it. There, who is really having an unlimited access to ever vibrating life around us?