Monday, July 10, 2006

Innocence Is a Fountain in Finding Newness…!

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We all get boredom once in a while for no reason. Have you ever searched for the reason which makes you to feel you are bored and restless? Boredom occurs to us when we are least in touch with our creativity. Creativity naturally occurs to the one, who communes with him/herself in a deeper level. If it is so, then what obscures to be with ourselves, so that we can bring forth the creativity to annihilate the boredom?

The obscurity is our own Ego or Self-image, which functions like a barrier which we built for ourselves like a moat in between the caged zoo animal and the fence. The moat in zoo helps animals from escaping, by creating a wider gap or a fearful state to the caged animal.

The same way our own self-image obscures us from being who we are. For instance, We can not make a toddler to get bored as he/she is in vibrant mode to learn and amaze at everything whatever he sees, touches and smell, to simplify it we can say the innocence is intact still. Although, that is not the case with an eight year old kid, there we find boredom and restlessness in them, if so, then what happened in between.

I feel in the latter case, I mean with the eight years old kid, the innocence is being lost, by identifying things by its name, color, the functionality etc., Which means the kid started seeing the same thing with pre-conceived ideals and draw a limitation from going beyond the descriptive nature of whatever is said or invented already. And that is where also come the self-image that I know about it all attitude; another heavy burden to carry it around.

Being innocent is our natural state and unadulterated, as long as we are in communion with our self. We naturally do not draw any limitation on us, we are ever on the expanding mode, in other word, being free of self-image (which is the Knower State = I know everything). Can you be in a jungle and watch a butterfly or bird for hours sitting in one place and observe its activity, without getting boredom?

Probably you can do it, why, there you are just merging yourself with simply being it, by letting your eyes follow the object wherever it goes. But the whole thing come to an abrupt end when you start thinking, oh, that bird’s behavior is this and this is what the bird is going to do the next. And thereupon the growing boredom kicks in and your body gets stiff and you are restless now, because you lost your innocence along with it. The chance of finding a newness is also lost, because of lost innocence. And now you want to find something else to do more exciting.

The same thing happen with gazing of the moon or night sky, the knower look at it thinking he knows what is in there. On the other hand, a poet look at it as a beautiful entity with everlasting newness in it. There, who is really having an unlimited access to ever vibrating life around us?


Andrea said...

Sounds interesting, though, i will come back and leave you another feedback explaining how i feel about this article.

don't you you think being innocent meant being a victim of ignorannce?

delphine said...

our own Ego or Self-image, which functions like a barrier ...///
This sounds good..
the innocence is being lost////
Boredom is the way one looks at it.

priya said...

Boredom: Its like a hole in the universe. Nobody can fill it unless your mind keeps you engaged.
For a common man-boredom is concept of being left alone/ lonely/ lost interest.
In a psychological view, I will say its between mind and concentration.
Did you mean ego and self image plays a major role for boredom?
How do you compare a child with a kid? When a toddler tries to learn things, a kid who has already learnt look for new things. Here its not boredom, but how you engage yourself in an activity. Something is not binding here.
Your innocence is not lost as long as you have it. Innocence happens/ comes at any age. What you know and others do not can also be called due to innocence of knowledge. But that does not mean self image and attitude plays.
Am I wrong here??
I didn't answer your entire article as I am waiting for you to bring on.
I donno, too much in an article or you need to divide them seperate.

Orani said...

hi Priya,

//Nobody can fill it unless your mind keeps you engaged.//

Absolutely, how this can be attained, this is where the concept of being innocent helps us not by being judgemental. Let me expand you with one more example, imagine we are looking at a tree, when we look at the tree as whole, what we do see just a tree standing with swaying branches and lots of leaves. Or trying to re-collect the memory of that tree's name, and associated interaction with it.

Am I correct? If that is so, we have no business looking at the tree right now, for so long, so we naturally get tired to keep looking at it anymore, right. Why it happened at the first place, this sort of boredom with the tree? Our knower (ego) state of being blocked us from seeing the other dimensionality of the individual existence of each leaves within which the variation of venation (i mean in the leave), and how the leaves are arranged in each twigs that you see etc., and so on. We forget all that with a Knower state losing the NOW state of that tree.

What am I trying to say is, when we lose our perception of seeing newness in the same object that we see, that is when we feel drained, restless and lifeless in things that we loved once.

Therefore, yes, as you said "nobody can fill it unless your mind ever be with present." We dont need every second a new thing to keep us occupied, if we do that, the end result is accumulation of more trash into our mind bin.

Orani said...

Hi Andrea,

//don't you you think being innocent meant being a victim of ignorannce? //

We are not talking about the stolen innocence, like the one happened with the bomb blasts, or victimized children etc., Those are the incidents inflicted on to them deliberately, now the victim is terrorized to their life, for them it is a question of how to get back to normal life, right.

The people who went through this were not ignorant either, since, they have not lived through the fear of bomb blasts everyday, in spite of earlier incidents like that. So our mind is built to live on the positive side of our life.

I wish our govt. would take some more necessary vigilance on these kind of incident from happening.

Orani said...

Hi Doc,

Thnaks for leaving a comment!

**the innocence is being lost***
\\Boredom is the way one looks at it.

Can you expand me a bit on this? Thanks.

Raji said...

hi..are you thekkikittan?
ok i agree. what you call as ego or identification, I always understood as personality. People think building a strong personality is very good. If you look carefully, those who have strong personality will be very inflexible and bored if things dont go according to their will.Well I guess thats what happens with 8 years old i starts developing a personality already then. :-)...nice thought though. See you soon friend.