Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unveiling the Mask...!

Have you ever wondered yourself like what happens if you forget your costume oneday, which you put it on and off every single day without even realizing that you are doing it? The costume which I am talking about here is, wearing a mask of someone’s over ourselves away from who we really are inside. The mask that we wear the moment we get off from the bed , starting from there with our own spouse, by changing us according to their expectation. It starts right from the bedroom then it continues onto our children playing how the society compels and dictates you to behave as to how you should interact. Then we go to our work place yet under a different coat like someone that we are not even familiar with, there we behave in accordance with how our higher or lower level colleagues expect us to present. This is how everyone of us act in a day to day basis.

In spite of that, have you ever gotten a chance to be yourself and enjoy a whole day, without wearing any formal mask which hides you away from your true nature? Now, you might ask me what is it that ‘true nature’ we are talking about here. Well, the simple answer to that question is, it could be the way you wanted to interact with your spouse or children.

For instance, you want to kid around with your spouse while you take an evening walk, imagine this some sort of impulse you feel within you which makes you to behave just like a little boy by pushing and pulling, I mean literally, behave like you were a child; forgetting your age, image and whereabouts momentarily and enjoy you being just yourself. Same thing with your children irrespective of the age difference; we all do when we interact with children momentarily we have a chance to forget about the parameters that explained earlier and we tend to project our true nature in the excuse of playing with children, so, we assume to be little tender and childish. Don’t we?

To be honest with oneself, we all do know that after playing with children we feel very much relieved and light hearted. Have you ever felt that nature of yourself? If you say yes, then what is going on there. In the pursuit of chasing something in the materialistic world, seriously, we lose ourselves for the mask. The mask which we wear tend to grow proportionately as we grow bigger and bigger outwardly with different dimensionality by itself, without even waiting for our approval.

As we go with the flow of outward searching, ignoring the other part of ourselves which is being who you really are; what happens, as you near the completion of whatever the ambition or mission you had in your mind, at that point, you start feeling the pinch of the ignored being within, is empty. Then, we turn back and look within, there, we identify ourselves with a totally different person than what we are today. Whence we realize at the cost of losing our own selves, that we could have lived off differently at the end of our journey, it would be too late and left with a handful of days or none.

Ok, what happens, you, figured it out that you wanted to maximum live in your life without wearing those extensive masks no matter where you go and what do you do. Most of the time, you try being yourself. Assuming that you are fortunate to have a down to earth spouse who understands and values who you really are, not giving any external forces as to influence how you want to present yourself to the society. To lead such a life, I mean being who you wanted to be, takes a lot of courage initially, since you are presenting who you really are without the collective mask you see all around you.

In that scenario, you would be isolated or singled out from your large friends circle, since you may not meet and fall under their expectation criteria; like not holding a reputable job to satisfy others perceptual view, yet, where you might also feel least comfortable under that mask. Consequently, you may not live in a large home with an expensive car, or to put this way, you worth nothing but who you actually are. That is the prize you pay for willing to be who you are.

Because, the prize you pay to be happy and content with oneself might lead you to be simple and grounded or even will demand you to undertake a least desirable profession that the other people will frown about. The profession also the one you have chosen may not bring in so much wealth and outside reputations, though, the thing is to remember here, you are after your own room to grow and be in containment and be happy, isn't it? Therefore, the simplicity and containment are the two positive path to be on with your full understanding.

Top it up all, it is very hard to be living without the mask in the majority where everyone goes with the norm, yet, if you are ready to lose some of the usual comforts; such as a large pompous friend’s circle who is yet to go a long way to go grow internally, and breaking the fake images of yourself etc., will put you closer to your inner being and live for your own “self.” Rather than what the society demands you to be. If you are chanced to pick up a choice between those two, in a juncture, when you turn around and look your path which you have trodden thus far, you would feel that you have lived fully well all along with no regrets at all. That is the whole point of being who you are.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

*Brood Parasitism in Our Own Family*

Last evening as I was sitting in my backyard and watching a sun set along with a Red Finch, a thought brushed against my mind and left with an impression. The impression is nothing but a comparative analysis of a family member how and when they could have behaved and turned out to be a Koel (an Indian Cuckoo) that hides it eggs in the Crows nests. In natural science, we term it as brood parasitims for its behavior. Since the Koel itself does not want to sit in one place and incubate, so that, it can experience the reality of mating and its consequence.

In our world, I mean we too have way too many individuals in almost every family who follows just like the Koel like concept. The individuals possibily want to have everything around them; all the comforts one can imagine yet hardly have a heart to move their little finger to yearn and shoulder their own responsibility. Realizing the hardship and failing to grasp the essence of working hard and seeing the fun in it, in spite, they employ a different kind of strategy to get around to get what they want. And that is where this "brood parasitism" concept naturally falls on to their lap. The investment they do make for it is zero materially but emotionally a huge amount of mockery tears. The substratum, I mean the nest, has been chosen to play it out can not go beyond the territory of their own parents domicile.

In that scenario, at least, one of the parents has to be meticulously and emotionally manipulated in the name of love. And usually that figure happened to be the mother. Now the plot is ready and the character ever omnipotent which is, the manipulator, family of his own with a wife and a bunch of kids topping with poor me looks! Play is on the move now indefinitely as long as the nest stay intact. If the nest, mean the parents, weathers off in due course when all the incoming resources associated with them stops abruptly, so the play too. Now, what we have in our hand with that much effort we have put in, in association to make that brood parasitic family is on move, now left with nothing but more well trained manipulator with wings of their own.

Well, let us take that one simple example and nest it in by adding with way too many throughout the country and at the end point sub-nest it in the country itself, and characterise the country with that kind of collective society. And that is where our economy depends for the survival of its own with that kind of society living in. Preying on one another without looking out for more resources to bring in and feed the giant machine. At present, we do have way too many individuals still within our family brood parasiting, in order to weed them out, whoever is provisining them with basic commodities should stop them altogether and put them through hungery stomach yet providing them a chance to stand on their own feet. Thereby, giving them a chance also to reap the fruition of their self-worth to live here. It is infectious, if once they tasted that fruit of self-worth, they will never go back to the brood parasitic concept.

Our country economy also strongly depends on these kind of individuals too. So, As a responsible citizen to our family and country we should smoke these individuals out of their habituation to let go off their territory and see the world beyond their respective wives laps.

This avian concept can happen within a family and country in whole. Preying on each other. Corruption. Therefore, staled economy and rotten politician. Lack of role models will eventually lead the citizen into the black hole not knowing how to get out of it.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Playing God?

When we are young and dynamic we all might have a little bit of left over childhood nature which is being honest to oneself, if we are aware of that nature early enough we can take that flame going on in you even after well into your adulthood. If you happened to be that way, the fire in you kindles intuitively always to be the best who you are to project onto the outside even if it brings hardship in your life. People who voluntarily go through hardship are the one who experiment his own self, I suppose. For instance, so many activists and social workers fall into that category. Why an activist who constantly goes through all kind of troubles without even expecting anything in return? What makes them to adhere with that kind of life?

To be on that path with that kind of determination one has to be so strong with a belief system whatever it is to his core. Otherwise, a small hardship can make that individual to put his tail between his legs and turn around and run for his life. So, then, what makes them so strong and face the life they choose to be on? I think, two factors could play a crucial part in it.

A) The individual might have recognized his strong passion and bring it forth to his awareness which in turn it gives him a sense of fullness for his existence.

B) On the other hand, out of social compulsion by observing around him as to what is going on and what needs to be done to play as a responsible citizenry.

With these identified ideals the one who wants to serve for the humanity initiate him/herself into the public service. Again it takes ones unshakable faith in whatever he believes in since what all he goes to face sheer disappointment and discouragement at least in the earlier ventures. As he prepares to cling on to the task, as time passes by he learns to cruise around in spite of all those hardships on his way, yet live in complete fullness.

To me the very life itself is like pre-written script and it is re-played over and over with same scene and the nature of stories yet with varying faces. Therefore, the bigger the challenge you have undertaken to experiment the greater the learning possibilities. No matter what, if you are involved in less attractive and more trouble some business like this, we can presume that we are trying to play God’s game a bit. God’s game as we all know, less lucrative economically and socially yet uplifting emotionally. However, what we get out of pursuing that thirst, well, we are making little closer to realizing our own true existence and its purpose. The reward of being truthful to oneself.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why We Should Be Different?

It is a question I asked myself in so many different phases, as I go with the flow of life. I do not believe in look alikes. Diversity brings in more life and amazement to ones existence; which, in turn, gives away more room to grow and multiply in ones self growth. If I do what do you do and how you behave in general then where is the fun to live and for chit chat. Just because you are happened to be in a place where every one behave and present themselves as if they are cash crops, if you follow their course of presentation of yourself how else you are providing a chance to project your individuality to spring up.

If you do the same, in wildlife we have a term for it which is "opportunist," what they do natuarally as a survival strategy they tend to mimic what its environment forcing it to do. In that scenario, it has two options; a) go with the requirement or b) stand off. Going with the requirement does not require as much creativity as in the case of being in your way and get the job done. Standing off from the crowd sounds a hard work, yet it is not so in my view, since you are doing what you are naturally accustomed to do. You are there without even paying attention to what you are doing just being yourself. Yet the productivity is there but in fullness with a touch of your own.

What I am trying to make a point out here is so many overseers immigrating constantly from place to place. That is indispensable and happening from the origin of mankind. Even if we look at closely the very origin of different species itself behold a message of being different what good it bringforth. If there is no diversity at all, the very survival of our existence itself is in question. Why, if we do not prefer to have different niches, I mean, occupy different climatic zone with different food preferences what happens in due course we will be competing for the same food or for the same climatic zone to live in.

It goes with everything I believe, if you are immigrating to a new place try to adjust to that environment as to without losing ones natural identity, rather than trying to become someone you yourself are not comfortable with later on. America appreciates multi-culturalism that means you need not to be changed at your core level. Express who you are and that is you, an american. When you get a second look think, this is what makes you special.

Then, why buy others idea rather than you experiment your own ideal of living and shifting your perception based on what is seemed to be right or wrong to you. So the point is here, if you are good back home as a human being so you are good to go anywhere on this planet, believe in yourself. Good luck guys.

I know there are lots of hilarious Janes, Susan, Jackie, John and Joe on the phone from India mimicking and trying it even away from the survival(work) zone too :-) these days.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Our Mental Health...

Today I started reading a book titled on "Ageless Body and Timeless Mind" authored by Deepak Chopra, as I go through some of his musings over Mind and Body and how they are inseparably interwined with each other. Interestingly enough, a couple years before I remember talking about the same issue with my significant one the same way insisting that "it is the mind the one which controls our bodily reaction not body by itself."

For instance, the disease causing pathogens wins over body when our mind fail to believe that it can resist the incoming pathogens by increasingly be on the negative awareness. Therefore, seemingly the belief system itself builds up your immune system much stronger than anything else.

Deepak puts it this way in his own wordings, "The biochemistry of the body is a product of awareness. Beliefs, thoughts, and emotions create the chemical reactions that uphold life in every cell. An aging cell is the end product of awareness that has forgotten how to remain new." The same way, I tend to see a day how it starts and ends based on my own mental state.

It can be explainable through my own experience; as I drive my car with closed window, no music or any other noise from within passing through and looking at a noisy choatic town. Potentially, the same scene can leave two different impacts in our mind generally depending upon our state of mind for that given time.

If I meditated for that day, and I was not disturbed on the surface level of my existence I see that choatic scene as peaceful and is in rhythm looking at the beuaty part of how people are moving around elegantly, forgetting the chaotic nature of it. On the other hand, if the car is filled with some loud music and I am profoundly engaged earlier myself with an argument over a thing and now I happened to pass through the same market observing, now my mind leaves me an image that the world is chaotic and everything is unorganised.

Thereby, the clear message is here our biochemistry is closely interelated based up on our mental state and its associated emotions. This is when I came to know the essentiality of practicing Yoga and Meditation in day to day basis and how far it helps me to be grounded irrespective of circumstances.

When our innerself is at peace everything seems to be moving in harmony when it is agitated so everything else. So from this simple observation of my mental state and its association to its environment where I am embedded in for that day leaves me to monitor more on my mind. By feeding the mind with more powerful or simple positive energy, as we go come in handy, to be at peace for our own healthy living.

What I have learnt thus far is this "to lead a peaceful and happy life" we have to be in constant touch with our innerself which is ever at rest and peaceful. If we want us to be remain in the same course just watch our mind where it wanders and hovers over. Above all be in containment with what we have rather than what we do not.

Monday, April 10, 2006

What brought me over here?

If I had known the answer for that question I would not be writing this blog under that title. There are so many worldly wisdoms I have been gathering all along as I am wading through my life so carelessly learning and collecting the trash and dumbing them in so called my mind garbage bin. Hoping that those collected memory bundles oneday would help me to find out what is it that I am looking for out of this existence.

As I read and travel more, obviously I came to understand myself that I am looking for something desperately out there. Interaction with different backgrounded people hearing their likes and dislikes, beliefs and disbeliefs, of their dualities nature how they all collided with mine and what I am learning out of those experiences. And that is what exactly brought me over here to share whenever "the association" is put me in a situation to ask the right question such as why is it this way, and what is my role in it and eventually leading me to ask who am I?

Perhaps my thoughts are not going to be coherent in nature since the occurrence of thought itself at random and self-explorative.