Thursday, April 27, 2006

*Brood Parasitism in Our Own Family*

Last evening as I was sitting in my backyard and watching a sun set along with a Red Finch, a thought brushed against my mind and left with an impression. The impression is nothing but a comparative analysis of a family member how and when they could have behaved and turned out to be a Koel (an Indian Cuckoo) that hides it eggs in the Crows nests. In natural science, we term it as brood parasitims for its behavior. Since the Koel itself does not want to sit in one place and incubate, so that, it can experience the reality of mating and its consequence.

In our world, I mean we too have way too many individuals in almost every family who follows just like the Koel like concept. The individuals possibily want to have everything around them; all the comforts one can imagine yet hardly have a heart to move their little finger to yearn and shoulder their own responsibility. Realizing the hardship and failing to grasp the essence of working hard and seeing the fun in it, in spite, they employ a different kind of strategy to get around to get what they want. And that is where this "brood parasitism" concept naturally falls on to their lap. The investment they do make for it is zero materially but emotionally a huge amount of mockery tears. The substratum, I mean the nest, has been chosen to play it out can not go beyond the territory of their own parents domicile.

In that scenario, at least, one of the parents has to be meticulously and emotionally manipulated in the name of love. And usually that figure happened to be the mother. Now the plot is ready and the character ever omnipotent which is, the manipulator, family of his own with a wife and a bunch of kids topping with poor me looks! Play is on the move now indefinitely as long as the nest stay intact. If the nest, mean the parents, weathers off in due course when all the incoming resources associated with them stops abruptly, so the play too. Now, what we have in our hand with that much effort we have put in, in association to make that brood parasitic family is on move, now left with nothing but more well trained manipulator with wings of their own.

Well, let us take that one simple example and nest it in by adding with way too many throughout the country and at the end point sub-nest it in the country itself, and characterise the country with that kind of collective society. And that is where our economy depends for the survival of its own with that kind of society living in. Preying on one another without looking out for more resources to bring in and feed the giant machine. At present, we do have way too many individuals still within our family brood parasiting, in order to weed them out, whoever is provisining them with basic commodities should stop them altogether and put them through hungery stomach yet providing them a chance to stand on their own feet. Thereby, giving them a chance also to reap the fruition of their self-worth to live here. It is infectious, if once they tasted that fruit of self-worth, they will never go back to the brood parasitic concept.

Our country economy also strongly depends on these kind of individuals too. So, As a responsible citizen to our family and country we should smoke these individuals out of their habituation to let go off their territory and see the world beyond their respective wives laps.

This avian concept can happen within a family and country in whole. Preying on each other. Corruption. Therefore, staled economy and rotten politician. Lack of role models will eventually lead the citizen into the black hole not knowing how to get out of it.


Sivabalan said...

Good Work!!

Good Blog!!

I want some more comments on this blog.

Orani said...

Thanks Siva, for finding sometime amidst your chaotic shcedule to sit and read, on top of it leaving your comments.

That is most needed for further thinking and foddering my mind with it...

//I want some more comments on this blog. //

There are not so many English bloggers as in Tamil, do not know why.

Hope to reach more too!



Andrea said...

//we should smoke these individuals out of their habituation to let go off their territory and see the world beyond their respective wives laps.//

That was funny :-)), I think the way you put it. Why this post did not receive very well here? Keep writing.


delphine said...

Absolutely right.

Orani said...

Thank you Andrea, most of the posts are here are not time bound, therefore, it can be read and express ones feeling on it whenever they want.

Happy reading :-)

sam said...

After all man is also a/an (social) animal. So what you find in nature, you find it in humans also. right?
but one thing, orani. Koel is an exceptional case. but man's brood parasitism is so common that it appears to be a natural phenomenon!

Orani said...

Doc. Delhpine,

You read this article too? The facts revealed here are so true, so many cases are still happening... so much lost as a by-product to this stupidity.

Thanks for coming!