Monday, April 10, 2006

What brought me over here?

If I had known the answer for that question I would not be writing this blog under that title. There are so many worldly wisdoms I have been gathering all along as I am wading through my life so carelessly learning and collecting the trash and dumbing them in so called my mind garbage bin. Hoping that those collected memory bundles oneday would help me to find out what is it that I am looking for out of this existence.

As I read and travel more, obviously I came to understand myself that I am looking for something desperately out there. Interaction with different backgrounded people hearing their likes and dislikes, beliefs and disbeliefs, of their dualities nature how they all collided with mine and what I am learning out of those experiences. And that is what exactly brought me over here to share whenever "the association" is put me in a situation to ask the right question such as why is it this way, and what is my role in it and eventually leading me to ask who am I?

Perhaps my thoughts are not going to be coherent in nature since the occurrence of thought itself at random and self-explorative.


Sivabalan said...

Good Post!!

Kozhundu said...

Is there such a thing as I?
That is the first question!
The physical identity is given by
parents and society.
Did we decide our birth?
Again there is no such thing as we!
The whole thing is an illusion!
Are you sure this converstion
is not happening in a dream! If it is a dream will you know it? Can you separate dream from reality?

When we accept something, it dosen't mean that we have to reject something else! This is the
answer to your question in my
tamil blog. Again I am not Samudra
or Dharumi! More on this in my tamil blog - some time later!

Masilamanis said...

Your blog is so good. Keep it up.

Orani said...


You are really doing a great service, by letting the words spread out. Thanks for finding your time and spending it with my pages.


Orani said...

Wow Kozhundu,

that was a pretty big issue you are leaning it on me! Anyway, thank you very much for coming and placing those riddles. I love all those questions.

However, I am marching towards it at my own pace!!

//Is there such a thing as I?//

For that question, in order to experiment to that 'I' issue, working to hard to lose the societal pressure to prove who i am outwardly, by being myself. So still the experiment is going on to find out, in due course, a lot and lot is shedding and crushing. It is sticky!!

This is where I am exactly at this moment "unveiling"...

//Did we decide our birth?
Again there is no such thing as we!
The whole thing is an illusion!//

I do believe in "collective consciousness." That itself explains about my existence right here where I am and what I am.

//When we accept something, it dosen't mean that we have to reject something else! //

I have explained very clearly in my other essay *Acceptance over Adjustment* is that when we realize the other duality of our nature and bring it forth to our awareness we are integrating it by embracing it for the betterment of ourselves as a whole, so the writing goes on.

Hence, I have gotten your message very clearly.

The rest of your questions I am trying to assimilate and sleep on it, I do not want to discuss things with what i have read, i want to draw it from within as I realize it. So we will go on interact the way we do.

Really I like your approach! Thanks again.


Orani said...

Masi sir,

thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Hope you get to read more of this site. Thanks once again.