Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Movie That Stole My Heart…!

Last night I watched another touchy movie amidst uncontrollable tears streaming down my cheeks. I am not ashamed of confessing the truth. I consider, that is the reward utmost one could pay to a good movie and the director.

The name of the movie was ‘House of D’ written, directed and starred by David Duchovny. The movie was wonderfully woven and filmed in its own rhythm. Beside, David Duchnovny, there are some veteran actors such as Robin Williams, Tea Leoni and Erykah Badu. Those are the people who stole my heart in that movie along with the emerging teenager actor Anton Yelchin.

What had caught my attention in that story plot was this: We as a human being think, raising ourselves happen just like another process however the vegetation will do. Most of us, never ever pay attention to how we grow ourselves into adulthood, consciously. For lots of us, it occurs just naturally, so we think.

Though, in ‘House of D’, it tries to capture the opposite. It captures and portrays through some other people‘s lives as to how conscious effort it is. When the past troubles the present, Tommy (David Duchnovny) tries to rediscover himself in the street of his childhood, by re-tracing his roots and come in contact with his childhood’s friendly adults who shaped his present.

When that reunion happens Tommy himself sheds off of his withheld adolescence to become a complete adult to a family.

Robin Williams comes as Mr. Pappas, needless to say how he himself throws into that character as mentally challenged with his facial expression and expressing the boundless love and wisdom at the end of the movie, when he gets a chance to reunite the then little buddy David Duchnovny now as an adult (Tommy) along with his family.

The movie profoundly reflects another part of American lives, especially, with single mom and her suffering to keep the family on the move only with the mere hope of the future. The way that movie is told, to me is like every frame needs to be pondered over and over, since, that much important is given to every single shot and character there in to say what they have to say, depth!

Tommy disappoints his mom Tea Leoni (Mrs. Warshaw) for the love of Mr. Pappas’ by shouldering a little shoplifting; and that leads to Tommy’s dismissal of college fund, the one most anticipated by his mom, breaks her heart so that night she decides to over doze herself with sleeping pills and falls in coma.

At that juncture, Tommy is left with no option but forced to live with a stranger couple. Since he is still a minor needed to be cared for, eventually that sort of caring leads to put him in military school, so he is told. All in all, Tommy is only 13 years old, now totally uncertain about his future and what he has to do, seeking out a crazy wisdom by four walled Lady Bernadette (Erykah Badu), who claims initially that “she was a genius that is why , she is imprisoned and up here .”

This boy Tommy, most of the time gets advice from her, standing in the street corner and finally when she hears the woes of the boy’s situation, she challenges him to run away.

So the movie goes…

Overall, it is a must see movie…

Friday, August 11, 2006

What We lose in the awake of recent terror?

In recent days we have been exposed to so many strategies, as to how people can come up with killing techniques of its own race. Slowly but meticulously, it is happening at the physical level right in front of us, as we all know. Somewhere in a remote corner of a world a car bomb or human bomb explodes and kills an X number of people; so the news line runs on our bottom of the TV screen, we read it as though it is another piece of news coupled with some Pamela Anderson has decided to remove her breast implant.

Though, what we have failed to realize is that we are deliberately led to lose our innocence of existence by trotting in the path of violence by being immune and numbing to it.

What had prompted me to write this note is that the recent airport alert over here in the US. The recent strategy of terrorizing people’s mind is not happening in the movies or through a novel. It is very real but a failed mission. How I feel about the whole ordeal is like this, more and more we are exposed to the violent part of the human nature. Which in turn sow the seeds of looking and dwelling in the dark chamber of our pessimistic existentiality.

The media is trying to sell whatever it could, by product of that behavior is loss of our innocence by watching the demonstration of how to make a chemical bomb using some chemical components. Why do we need that kind of elaborative demonstration anyway?

It is mind boggling to think and live in this dreadful blood-oil thirsty world. Where are we heading? Can we walk back to where we were, without all these undesired knowledge and wisdom we have been forced to witness?