Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Existence of a Villager in You...!

Late last night through a telephonic conversation my external thought realm was disturbed. With which anyway I went onto bed; inculcating that sublime thought firmly embedding deep into my mind that I am not going to sleep good tonight. Expectedly past midnight I was still tossing around with stray thoughts darting in and out intending to haunt me. At last, I did not even realize when I fell asleep, but I woke up with a twittering of a bird song in the early morning out from the backyard.

The note of the bird song almost, at least, in my mind appeared like this - “OoooooRani, epdiii reeeeekku (that was close to asking how am I doing by calling on my blog name Orani).” That could be a sweet “morning greeting” from a bird one could have dreamt to receive from; the bird also might have just woken up like me, yet with a difference; he is out there in the backyard free with a focused single intention for that day, which is foraging and being safe. Unlike me who with so many sticky thoughts enmeshed with each other.

That early morning itself I was bombarded with incoming thoughts, old and new alike rushing in without even waiting for my approval; as if a switched on computer loading its software. Amidst those thoughts, I found a very interesting dialogue which my mind itself might have hooked it out, from the crowd for the later re-munching.

The prior night conversation was somewhat associated with a comparison of a villager and modern guy who lives in a metropolitan city. Thereupon, a point was made very clearly that "a being villager meant innocently go with the flow of life not knowing how to swim upstream and be competent." On the contrary, I was told that the opposite traits are true for the modern man.

The Villager and the Modern guy concept have soaked in me for a while and eventually I made an internal dialogue laying there still on my bed drifting back and forth. And the dialogue yet led me to another dimension and through which the following was my perceptual understanding about the differences between those two human states. And how they are differing from one another in their own mental plane; with a skill of their own, in terms of problem solving and their existentiality.

A thing to remember, we are not making any sweeping generalization here. In addition, the personalities could be found in alternative locations. Since the dealing itself is going to be drawn based on how they think and react to a situation. And from there we are going to draw who is in Villager’s or Metro guy’s state of mind.

I want us to be bit clear as to what I am exactly dealing about over here. The problem we are going to deal with is usually a bit of relationship and work ethics.

I consider the villager’s mind works something like this since he lives by his heart and more in contact with his inner ‘selves,’ rather than outwardly. Assuming that he thinks over things straight, since, he exposed to more less complex wordly issues. So he presents himself outwardly, more relaxed and look ever at peace, with less aggression and be more on focused state of his nature. In lesser term we can coin him as “layback” type; sit comfortably and watch the show type who thinks nothing to lose.

Conversely, the state of modern man’s mind lives mostly on his rational thinking, for external gratification. Assuming that his state of being is introduced into more broader wordly issues and things, to tackle about. Thereby, he is more aggressive and ever be on side of go getter attitude. In lesser term we can name the individuals as “restless and temperamental.”

Now, based on those backgrounds, just imagine how these two individuals are going to be in a day to day world reacting with whatever dealings come in contact. For instance, the villager when it comes to a relationship issue with others and cornered with a problem he tends to withdraw inwardly asking for a solution which is beneficial to all; thereby, producing less conflict down the road while secured peace for the future.

On the other hand, the modern individual floats on his external mind realm and get an instant solution for the issue, to thrive in that situation for that particular momentum. However not minding that the solution is going to turn out to be into the future, because, overall a less consideration is given for other people’s well being. Since, it is only a quick fix and self-centered; even so, the conflict in manifolds awaiting to haunt the individual down the road which in turn breeds a growing insecurity in ones own self.

To sum it up all, no matter how you are looked up or down just be who you are. By preserving peace with oneself, however you are less aggressive there, yet the productivity is unbound. Whereas, the restless being who havoc ones own life, at the same time whoever come in contact also tend to lose their energy around them, and in some extent taking other people down along with them also.

Therefore, the choice is ours. How we want to be coined and gained, to have what for the present.


Sivabalan said...

//we are going to draw who is in Villager’s or Metro guy’s state of mind.//

An interesting post!!

Good Work!!

Orani said...

Thank you Mr. Siva!


Mathivanan said...

Kudos to you Ooooraniii (let he call you just like that sparrow).

The words you used for a villager is apt for him, this is so because his value system is different. But now the villager ways of thinking is also otherwise. The greedy corporate are circumventing to tamper into the village culture. Ten years ago still there were villagers to brush with neem sticks. That habit has almost vanished now. Even in the dumps we find more of plastic sachets. We notice a slow degradation of village culture, which relates well with nature and preserves ecology. For eons we were unconsciously doing the right thing, but now we are taught rightly to do the wrong things in the name of urbanization. We have started feeding the arrogance of mind thinking that it will be satiated when given more. But the converse thing is happening. We lead a unhygienic nasty creature life in this concrete jungle. What does this urban guy looks for in life? Even a villager doesn’t know what he is looking for, but he is not so frantic, so nothing much to worry. Is there anyone out there who is a urban-villager?

Orani you have kindled a thought in my mind, I want to write more on this. I will do it sooner. Thanks for it Orani.

Dharumi said...

Hi Oorani,
i used to wonder about one more thing. many of us ( that includes me too) take pride for being from villages, take for instance the titles of your own blog and pseduonym: Oorani & thikkikattan!
i too always bring in my rural background, though i was a city guy for most of my life. why anyone should feel proud of being from village? is it because of the 'innocence' and other attributes you have given to those from rural areas? i dont know the answer!

Orani said...

Mathi, i will touch your thoughts a little later.

Dharumi: //take pride for being from villages//

Take pride in it, because, the one who has sorted out real from fake, and that one sees the contrast between those two breed of minds. And later, you are being true to yourself and living it up fully well, without go on clinging on to the duality.

The fear of calling oneself "kattan" sheds off. Who defines who in comparison to what scale.

//is it because of the 'innocence' and other attributes you have given to those from rural areas?//

That is the contrast we are talking about. Is there something to be shameful about being who you are?


sam said...

Is there something to be shameful about being who you are?
no, on the other hand, we take pride. that's what i wanted to focus, the pride!

Orani said...

Mr. Mathivanan,

//The greedy corporate are circumventing to tamper into the village culture.//

Well said! Most of us do not even have time to sit and think for our own self, then where comes to notice all these changes around him/her.

These days, it is a taboo to have a soft heart and showing compassionate feeling toward a fellow human being. If you show that gesture, you are taken it for your weakness and was deeply preyed on that part.

Everything is now politicized from ones religion to what kind of seed choices the farmer is to make... everything.

So, in general being in touch with oneself, these days considered is a luxuary. To obtain it, you have to presume an expensive cruise or be with an expensive guru's ashram, where you have a tiny bit of chance to have a peek within yourself ;-))

The world is a funny place to sit and observe.

Hey, your comments are really very deep and meaningful always love to read. Thanks though.


Orani said...


//no, on the other hand, we take pride. that's what i wanted to focus, the pride! //

i agree with you, however, i wanted to have some of your insights into it. how you managed to take that pride thoughout your life? In which way it helped you to feel about yourself? Have you ever regreted for what you are, at any point of your life?

Realizing the fact that, you have gone through a lot more than what I have, I would like to share some of yours view on this. Please, enlighten me ;-) !