Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Does the Soul Has Evolution…?

How, to a rational mind we can prove that there is a thing called soul-evolution? As we all knew and agreed to a common concept that our mind is limitless just like the expanding universe. Our mind can go on expand limitlessly as we get exposed to more newer things, in assimilating it, later on only to come up with new understanding of what we have assimilated, so the expansion goes on exponentially. The simple formula for the inner growth rate is, the more you are exposed to a new dimensionality of others perception the greater the expansion of your self-growth.

In the above passage we have talked about mind and its essential dependency of stimulation from outer source for its expansion or growth. In the same way, every matter or living things has a wear and tear, even an inanimate thing. Therefore, we could say that under the sun everything has a growth and death progressively in a visible realm. The thinking mind of human beings, even for that case, a rational mind of a child could rise the following questions when it gets a chance to look into the amazement of star lit night sky. Usually the questions would be posed like these:

a) Where did the world come from? b) Why did god make the world? c) Where was I before I was born? d) Where do people go when they die? These are questions, we as an evolved species ask at various point of our life term. That shows apparently we do have unlimited possibility to expand our growth by merely asking questions. In other word, we are something beyond our own comprehension yet to be explored.

People in general we all fall in the same category of human beings. We all consider ourselves are the same, have the same fundamental emotional basis to be called as beings. However, where do we differ from one another when a given moment? What makes us to behave or react to a situation the way we react or behave? Is it something to do with our brought up environment later on adding our own self-effort by learning more? Or Have we just come into this world like a blank slate of mind sort? Where is the origin of our first thought and associated reactions? Does a baby think while it is in its womb? If yes, what kind of thinking?

Why children who are coming from the same parents and given environment, do not behave or grow up with same attitude and temperament? What makes them to behave and presume their life differently, in spite, of the same parental guidance and opportunities? Is there something beyond our reach to answer certain questions, which is placed in the fifth dimensional plane, where we can not even bend our mind to take our imagination there?

Until a couple months before I could not able to correlate soul-evolution (reincarnation?) and real known fact of Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Since, I am in a place where there are so many people who love to venture into forbidden field, thereby, they know only to ask questions. I was not buying into the idea of soul-evolution. Then there comes a day I accidentally ran onto a reading material which led me to a whole new world of understanding; at least for now to convince me that, we do all have evolution physiologically, mentally, spiritually and eventually now Ibelieve it should happen in soul-fully too.

If every living or non living thing has a cycle or evolution, why not our soul (or the prana or the rational mind) should not presume such a thing. When, at least, we are all differing in different plane of intellectual, emotional and spiritual plane; which ultimately paves the way to define on which plane we stand and see the world. So, I conclude, the different level of our soul growth must have been too in association with above said factors.

Why some people, in spite of all that provision and proper surrounding to evolve onto the next plane of thinking, still refusing to get out of the pool they stand in? And that makes me to wonder, is it something to do with the lack of soul-growth like any other evolution, an individual human mind also has the evolution and that requires so many birth times to passes from one phase to the other?

Please do not ask me to prove it. The observation that I made, basically a logical one, while I look at closely the existentiality of our human nature at varying level, those questions and inferences have occurred naturally to me


Andrea said...

>>an individual human mind also has the evolution and that requires so many birth times to passes from one phase to the other?<<

That is a valid point, I guess. That makes me to think too. Thanks for placing those thoughts.


delphine said...

hello! This is a very complicated subject.mmm. No comments. Beautiful thinking.

Angie said...

if the soul has to pass so many births... according to the evolutionary theory..the soul should start the task where it stopped..(evolution as far as i know and learned, is the passing of the better characteristics for better survival to the coming generation)..so why is that every birth is a start from the scratch...why is it that everything has to be done over and over and over again..and not learning from the previous one?

sam said...

probably i have to read it few more times to get the point!

Sivabalan said...


Wow!! Good Blog!!

I have one question

If we keep a person for about 30 years in a prison like room, since his birth without being allowed to contact the outside world, what will it be his language, thinking, passion etc etc.?

And How does that soul sound?

Orani said...

Thank you Andrea for stopping by and leaving your comments. Keep visiting.


Orani said...

Thank you Doc Delphine.

Mathivanan said...

So sitting by the orani you started thinking of evolution. May be there are lot of monkeys around orani there lol (just kidding).

It is excellent by how you elucidated evolution. everything evolves physically, mentally, psychologically. Then do you think this evolution is pro-rata to time. Means in a given time everything evolves uniformly (like the time bound promotion system of government employees). I think this depends on more of the effort put in by the individual, his/her perception, understanding and reaction to external stimuli. In this way mind evolves. Evolution of the mind is intellectual evolution

This evolution of sole concept, on what basis do you endorse it. The philosophies of the world concludes at the same point that there is a thing which is immaculate, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, bliss absolute and that we can name it soul or god or spirit or whatever. In this the vedenta philosophy hits the nail straight on the head. It speaks volumes about the perpetual nature of the soul which is our true nature. That alone never changes but is the base for all the changes. This is unconceivable by mind because if mind could grasp it then mind becomes superior and soul becomes a object. Only the mind has to evolve to understand that the mind is futile. During this process of evolution the mind becomes stronger in discrimination and thus radiates intelligence.

Angie we can put it rather this way, soul is not passing through birth and death but birth and death is passing through the soul.

Sivabalan what you are talking about is just a learning process. It is simple after thirty years that person will not speak and will be anxious about everything new he/she sees. How they train the animals in the circus. Since human is much evolved he/she takes less time to learn the cause and effect relation.

PS: my writing may seem to be like an altercation Orani but that is not my intention. My motive is to provoke the thought.

Sivabalan said...

Hi Mathy

You have open up a very nice topic to discuss.

I do not know whether Orani will admit the topic which may or may not relates to this blog.

Anyway, we start.

You agree that we are circus trained animals and evolved over the period of time. Good. (It gives me great confidence and you are beleiving in Evolution also)

Ok. If it so, then what do we have to do from here to achieve a good & clean earth?. (Might be big question, you may post it as separate blog where we discuss further)

priya said...

Humans have a soul, and humans evolved from a lower form of animal.
If we agree to this, then many things change with regard to behavior, attitude and forms.

It is basically relationship human mind and divine spirit. We try to figure out who is god and on the other hand god desires to know man and his experiences. It can be funny. But that is the fact.
If we are not a conservative/fanatic, we pray only when we feel duped. At that time, god tries to know mans experiences.
Creation brings evolution in many forms.
But I disagree when people pray to human beings who are just an another human being.
Existence has/d happened years back.When we live, we learn the good and bad. When we become invisible, we are scattered as clouds.

Orani said...

hi Angie,

Sorry, it took so long to thank you. Hope you come often here and share your views with us.

//the soul should start the task where it stopped...//

actually it is not the spirit which goes through the experience, it is the mind with its past impression intends to cling on to take us through, until we get the "now consciousness" of life and do the best for your self. Actually, one of our fellow feedback friends Mr. Mathi, has explained it very clearly... please go through that too.

//so why is that every birth is a start from the scratch... //

is it starting from the scratch, or something already initiates the action followed by the chain of action and reaction cycle?

//why is it that everything has to be done over and over and over again..and not learning from the previous one? //

i believe we might have piled up so many unwanted things over our inner personality, by constantly living with the past by gone mistakes leaving the present, to question the task we've presumed now will lead us yet onto the another woe to worry about...

Mathivanan said...

Sivabalan it is no big question. The answer for it is obvious, we should not lie, we should not desire for what is others, we should not envy at others, we should not pollute our surroundings with litter of any kind, we should not encourage environmental destruction by buying products that come out of destructing nature…….. and the list is long and we all know pretty well about it. By instinct we are equipped with the sense to identify which is good and bad and we have the propensity to identify natural justice. But the problem is we don’t want to enact them. As we know all things equitable, we are free to follow it. We will start following it, that is a major revolution we can bring forth to earth. There are enough preachers here but no followers. And there is no need for a preacher because nothing needs to be preached. As you have wished I will post a blog shortly Siva.

Orani said...


//probably i have to read it few more times to get the point!//

you mean, am I missing the context or is it sort of tricky to dwell in? Anyway, feel free to share your understanding in this. Either way I am open ;-)


Orani said...

Hi Priya,

//humans evolved from a lower form of animal.
If we agree to this, then many things change with regard to behavior, attitude and forms. //

Sorry for the late response!

Yes, that is our mission over here to make people to understand that we are coming from there (animal kingdom).

//When we become invisible, we are scattered as clouds.//

In spite of our body became invisible, our consciousness goes on living!!

cheena (சீனா) said...

Hai Prabha

I concur with SAM - I also need some more time to read leisurely - to understand whats soul-evolution.

Not only that - i have to prepare my mind in such a way that i can read this and understand this

Give me some time please