Saturday, August 01, 2009

Media's war on our lives...

It's becoming a routine of me coming over here once in a blue moon and whining about why I am not writing regularly here. People who visit this site rarely just like however I do, might have noticed that also. Anyway, as you guys now read this passage already might possibly noticed where I am heading with this post also; I smelt that too ;-).

I have no proper theme to begin this post with, nevertheless something sluggishly today brought me over here to write whatever comes to my mind. So, perhaps by the time you finish reading this post either you find yourself had a cup of coffee with me talking about over an important event or had another aimless stroll with me. Either way I am darn sure that you spend some quality time at Oruni :-).

Lately I have been getting lazier to even think. Having noticed however the world and the UN council behaved with the Sri Lankan genocide - I totally lost, confused, felt like I was drowned to the abyss, to pull I myself out of that shock have taken me so long. Not knowing what to say, where and who and what for... I kept mum!

Related with that experience my adulthood awareness went through indescribable amount of transformation within myself . In retrospect that changed or rather made me to be more aware and complete with how this world works in the globalized money only world. Absolutely I consider this corporate world approached the whole Sri Lankan Tamil issue through its scavenging attitude. In due course leaving behind the general cause which was to be the sustaining humanitarianism keeping it in intact form before losing its hope from the face of the earth especially among the impoverished ones.

We had seen through enough of dramas unfolding right in front of our eyes. The misnomer term has popularly so known 'the war on terror' been used freely here also to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people with the god only could have dreamt to form an alliance like this one to conduct this massacre (India-Pakistan-china). Anyone who closely follow these countries geopolitical stand points lately can notice how far and wide they disagree with one another in every issue, India in particular. However, they all held their hands together when it came to Sri Lankan civil war. I wonder still what could be the reason behind this alliance. Whatever the reason can possibly be there, the time will bring forth the truth oneday who involuntarily bought out the future headache through this geopolitical move.

Top it up all, the most amazing move of the world community - the UN and popular media alike, the way they moved around with the whole issue showed their unreliability and sown a sense of fear among people by their behavior. To this date still no single popular media is allowed inside the Sri Lankan premises to observe what is happening to the people who are trapped behind the barbed wire mesh. Most of us forgot the whole thing and moved on with our lives. We can not blame ourselves for that too because the main stream medias are playing a big role to drug our mind to keep away from knowing what is happening around us. As one sit back and think all of these eventual things, we have been deliberately being manipulated and headed by the media by however it wanted us to think and live our everyday lives their way. It is very sad and no good!


தருமி said...

why worry so much UN .. it is a 'toyland'
what hurts more is india's stand on the issues in UN ..

இயற்கை நேசி|Oruni said...

yea Sam, times and again India has proved its weakness through its "opportunistic give in" approach in the world stage. Look at the alliance how they shielded the great humanitarian issue we had faced in SL, what are these countries trying to tell the world down the road we might also go against our won people and in our own country do not come in our business, huh?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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